I never meant to work behind the camera. It kind of just happened.

Not long ago, I avoided cameras as if I feared they meant to do me harm. There were too many buttons and too many words I didn’t understand — WTF even is an aperture? Once Canons and Nikons were forced upon me, I forced myself to overcome my -phobia of the new and learned. Since, I’ve realized the merits of visual storytelling, of the ability that still frames have to augment the emotionality and tone of stories, and their silent capability to tell tales of their own. Sound, albeit a temperamental beast, captures something that ink cannot: the rawness of human emotion rather than the meaning of the words that carry it. Check out my Flickr for more, or perhaps my drastically underutilized Instagram.

Embedded below is a mini-documentary I made with Urban Plains, Drake University’s journalism capstone where I was editor-in-chief in the fall of 2017. The 17-minute piece, “Why Boys Fight,” is the best story I’ve had the opportunity to tell thus far.