I’m like Leonardo Da Vinci, except I can’t paint, didn’t invent the helicopter and am still alive.

Event planning? Done it. Editing? Of course. Graphic design? InDesign is my hero. Boxing? Tried it. Woodcarving? Working on it. If something needs to get done, I can be the guy who figures it out. And then I’ll tell a story about it.

I blame my family for this aspect of me. My grandfather built his own business from scratch and five of his sons still run it. My dad spent his adolescent summers on the road selling shoes for Grandpa, keeping the business alive, while his friends went to the beach or played Atari. Today, the family-owned company holds on strong, because five Rogans still show up to work at 7 a.m. every day, figuring it out as they go along just like Grandpa Jack did.

My dad’s advice upon becoming a father is that you need to be aware of how you don’t know anything. You don’t know how to change a diaper until you actually do it. You don’t know how to guide your son through his first broken heart until it happened. You don’t know how to report on the statehouse until you’re interviewing a senator, but you figure it out.